Who is eligible to enroll for Real-Tour Rewards?

The program is open only to Real Estate Professionals licensed in the state of Florida who are legal residents of the United States (including the District of Columbia) and eighteen (18) years of age or older.

How do I enroll in Real-Tour Rewards?

To enroll in the program click here. You can also enroll on-site at any of our communities' Welcome Centers. You can also download the information by clicking on the Enroll tab. This enrollment qualifies the participating Real Estate Professional to earn Profit Points, and counts as an entry to the program. The contact information you provide will be used to inform you of upcoming events and promotions.

Where do I register a client?

To register a client you must accompany them to the Welcome Center located in the Newland community and complete the registration there. This information is used to maintain a list of prospective homebuyers and to track new-home purchases.

What are Profit Points?

Profit Points are points you accumulate throughout the year.

How do I earn Profit Points?

Real Estate Professionals earn profit points each time they register a prospective homebuyer at a Welcome Center and/or sell a new home in FishHawk Ranch™, Waterset® , Bexley.™ Real Estate Professionals also have the opportunity to earn points by attending designated Real Estate Professional events.

When can I redeem my Profit Points?

Profit Points are redeemable at the Real-Tour Rewards Grand Event in November. This is the only time you can redeem your accumulated points.

Who can redeem my Profit Points?

The Real Estate Professional who earned the Profit Points is the only one who has the authority to redeem their own Profit Points.

What can I purchase with my Profit Points?

You can purchase any of the items we have available for you at the Grand Event. Previous gifts included – designer jewelry and handbags, luggage, outdoor gear, lavish spa treatments, cruises, vacation packages, iPads, household appliances, TVs, technology gadgets, digital cameras, gift certificates, home décor, bicycles, kitchen appliances – to name a few.

If I don’t spend my accumulated Profits Points at the Grand Event, can they roll over to the following year?

No, Profit Points are not transferable or refundable and must be accepted as awarded. Real Estate Professionals must attend the Grand Event in order to redeem any gift for Profit Points. Any unused Points will not carry over into future promotions and cannot be redeemed at a later time. Real Estate Professionals must redeem all Profit Points at the Grand Event.

The “Terms and Conditions” specify that my broker must sign a consent form in order for me to participate in this program. Where can I find this form?

To obtain consent form click here.

Profit Point Rewards

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